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Discover the CR-1, the Future of Cycling.
A combination of Aerodynamic Styling and Technical Innovation has yielded an evolution in cycling. The CR-1 is a departure of staid bicycle design that has remained largely unchanged for decades. "V" shaped aerodynamic frame design with 15% less surface area equals less drag and greater speed.
The effortless thumb-controlled Tru-Shift® system is a revolution in bicycle shifting. Ergonomic grips in lieu of tradition "rams-horn" handlebars, on-board light control system and rear-view blutooth camera are all quantum leaps from traditional bicycle components. Come discover the CR-1... the future of cycling.

Frame Aerodynamics

An evolution in Bicycle Design, the Pump CR-1 slipstream "V" frame ushers in a new generation of cycling. Available in both Carbon Fiber and Titanium, the CR-1 features 15% less surface area than a typical Competition Peloton Frame. Sweeping surface edges from a central apex take design cues straight from F1 Racing.

pump Tru-Shift®

Effortless thumb-controlled shifting... without levers! With about the same facile physical motion as sending a text, you can change gears on your bike, eliminating the reduction of grip on the handlebars required with the "wrist twist" of traditional lever shifting.

Ergonomic Grips

Whether in a speed tuck or cranking hard out of the saddle, these ergonomically designed grips are the perfect symbiotic connection between rider and bike. Made from a durable hard rubber and silicone compound, similar to those found on the steering wheels inside F1 racing cockpits.

Light Control System

With 20 factory settings, the on-board CR-1 Light Control System eliminates the needless complexity common in many aftermarket bicycle light products. Clear, concise LED readouts for intensity setting, battery life and time duration remove the guesswork and stress that come with other lights choices, allowing you to simply dial in your setting and enjoy your ride.

LED Halo/Xenon Headlight

See and be seen is the mandate for the design of the CR-1 headlight system. A powerful LED halo light works in concert with three Xenon bulbs to produce an unprecedented bicycle headlamp. Pre-Programmed features such as brightness settings, intermittent flash and S.O.S. distress signalling is all controlled by the onboard light controller.

Powerful Xenon Tail Light

Riding at dusk and into the evening can be hazardous to cyclists sharing the road with traffic. It is imperative for drivers behind and around you to be constantly aware of your presence at all times. The CR-1's Powerful Xenon Tail Light with 20 lighting programs selectable with the on-board light controller, including brightness settings, intermittent flash and S.O.S. distress signaling, makes your visibility and presence absolutely certain to anyone and everyone around you.

Rear View Camera with Blutooth

Having a clear and constant view of traffic and potential threats behind you is a huge safety boon for any cyclist. Now for the first time an on-board rear-view camera is available for a bicycle. The convenient Blutooth compatibility allows the rider to use a mounted smartphone as the ultimate rear-view mirror. Simply attach your phone to the pump integrated handlebar mount that comes with your CR-1 and is specifically designed for your Bike Computer and/or Smartphone.

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